The Network

We started the development at 2016 with a single Survival server. Our first success was a small community but that was enough for upgrade, so we started to build a network from a single server. We're not beginners, we don't use cracked plugins, we bought all of our premium plugins to upgrade your gameplay experience. Thank you for our supporters, finally we made it!

We provide you:

- 99% daily availability
- Lag-free servers - (lots of memory,
strong processor, many TB of storage)
- Professional configuration,
lots of unique features
- Balanced rank system via
in-game money and donation

Guaranteed experience

We constantly raise our standards, our team is made up of competent, patient people. The capacity of the network provides 250 player's access! In addition, an individually designed, fast-responding protection system is running on the servers.

Our Servers


Release your creativity!

Easy WorldEdit usage
Huge 100x100 plots
Monthly Build Events
Set your own time and weather
Huge Head Database, feel free to use it

▼ Lobby ▼

You can reach our servers across the Lobby

Here you can find information
about the whole network
Tournament and event description
can be found here


Our #1 Server
Based on economy and RPG

Slimefun, OreMine, Lumberyard, Bank,
Bank account, Server Currency, Tavern with Alcohol, Pipes, Jobs, Mechanics, Crates and keys, Unique OP tools, Socket gems, etc..

The Billion Dollar Website

Our Store

Currently promotion

- 50% Off All packages (from 2019/06/15 to 2019/08/31)


Apply for Staff

Currently we're looking for:

§ Builders

§ Helpers

§ Youtubers

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It also helps our community grow & you'll give avesome rewards on the server!
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